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Move Large Furniture
I will move larger items of furniture such as tables, chairs and settees. The only things you’ll need to move are valuable or breakable items.

High Filtration Vacuum
First I vacuum with a high filtration cleaning system designed for professional/industrial cleaning.

Pre Spot Stains
I will pre-treat any stains that may be difficult to remove using appropriate specialist products and techniques.

Depending on the carpet fibre to be cleaned and the purpose of the clean I will pre-spray your carpet with a high-performance citrus prespray, a wool-safe microsplitter, a high-performance microsplitter or other anti bacterial agents.

Hot Water Extraction Machine
This machine heats the water to between 20 & 110 degrees and injects the water into the carpet at between 100 & 1500PSI.  I will adjust the temperature & pressure to suit your particular carpet design, carpet fibre & carpet condition (for example, 1500PSI is far higher than would ever be required!) .The powerful vacuum lift then removes all dirt and pollutants.

Residue Rinse
I use the extraction machine to ensure as residue free clean.  This is one of the most important procedures as residue can cause premature re-soiling.

Protective Tab/ Blocks
Furniture is placed back in its original position on either foil-backed tabs, poly-blocks or sticky tabs.  This ensures that any moisture that may be in the carpet does not draw woodstain or rust marks from furniture legs or leave a water-mark on any furniture.

Depending on your carpet pile I will either groom or brush your carpet. This will aid the drying process, to ensure longer piled carpets are tangle free and will aid carpet revival.

Carpet Protector
Carpet protection is not applicable in all situations. It does wear off & is not bullet-proof however it can assist in spill removal. Dream Clean will advise you whether carpet protection is right for your situation. The protector I use also has a Promite additive included so you would also benefit from knowing dust mites and other bugs will not be present.  

Finally, I'll use special turbo dryers to rapidly dry your carpets so you can use the areas much quicker than you may expect. If multiple rooms are being cleaned then we’ll dry the rooms as we go, ensuring your carpets are dry as quickly as possible.

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Before and after Dream Clean carpet cleaning